• How Blockchains Could Change The World?

    “A study finds that 66% of people believe that innovation will be the biggest factor influencing economic growth over the next 30 years.”

    In order to thrive (or indeed, survive) in this continuously evolving economy, young professionals will need to understand the driving forces behind scientific and technological development…

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  • What is Blockchain?

    From a cruising altitude, a blockchain might not look that different from things you’re familiar with, say Wikipedia…

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  • What is an ICO?

    An ICO is a recently emerged concept of crowdfunding projects in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industries…

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  • Bitcoin Futures, Explained

    Futures are an agreement to buy or sell an asset on a specific future date at a specific price.¬†Once the futures contract has been entered…

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  • What is Etherum?

    Before you can understand ethereum, it helps to first understand the internet…

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